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pet_tails's Journal

Pet Tales
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- A place to share stories about your pets
This community is to used as a place to post about little stories or antidotes about your pets, past or present. Feel free to post photos with your stories.

Just a few rules though:

1. No stories or photos of animal abuse*
2. Keep a limit to 3 SMALL photos per post
3. If your post is long, please put it under a lj cut.
4. No nasty commenting or bullying
5. No community promoting in posted entries or in comments.

*stories about how you saved you saved your pet from abuse is fine, aslong as you put a warning sign on your post -> *WARNING SIGN* <- like that.

If you disobey the rules outlined, then you will get an intial warning, which is unheeded will result in you being banned and possibly reported if needed.

Other than that have fun, post funny stories, brave stories, etc.